Award-Winning Actor and Narrator Stacy Keach Supports AmeriFace!

"Every human being is unique and special.
Each one of us has the potential to leave the world
a brighter place because of our presence here.

"Some of us may have been born with what
many people refer to as facial abnormalities,
but because of the wonderful work of
organizations like AmeriFace and cleftAdvocate,
those of us who may be considered 'different'
have the opportunity to realize our potential
and pursue our dreams."

Stacy Keach
Honorary Chair, Cleft Palate Foundation
Award-Winning Actor and Narrator
Stacy Keach
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Stacy Keach has been the Honorary Chair of the Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF) for the past 25 years.  AmeriFace is proud to partner with the Cleft Palate Foundation to enhance services to patients and families across the country!
Making a world of difference in a world of facial differences...