Finding the Right Team of Professionals to Care for Your Child

Finding a team of professionals you can trust and feel comfortable with for your child’s ongoing care is a priority first step in making his or her journey as fulfilling as possible.

A collaborative team approach will give you the support and guidance needed to provide for your child’s range of physical and emotional needs. A team of well-trained and caring professionals can address your child’s ongoing medical care, including surgeries, and work with him or her on speech and hearing development and learning and social issues that emerge over the years.

Do some networking and outreach to seek the best care available and to empower yourself with information. The Cleft Palate Foundation can be reached by phone (1-800-24-CLEFT) or internet ( and provides current information about cleft and craniofacial teams in your area that meet the standards set by the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) for team care. Then talk with people you trust, such as your family pediatrician or nurse, about their experience with the teams you have identified.

To learn more about your child's condition and the evolving aspects of his or her care, review the materials available on our website, particularly on the Conditions pages.  Always check your sources carefully as the internet provides both accurate and inaccurate information.  Read our disclaimer.

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