Contemporary Jazz/Pop Artist Kiku Collins Supports AmeriFace!
"The last thing a parent needs to hear is, 'That can
be fixed. Don't worry about it.'  Especially from
well-meaning friends and family who have no idea what is involved, medically or emotionally.

Craniofacial differences are as unique as the
people born with them, the people who acquire them, and the people who are there to help. AmeriFace
is a crucial part of the process for folks looking for help, support, resources, advice, or just a friend who understands the heartache, victories and healing. Sometimes people just want to hear, 'Yes, I've been through that, and I am now here to support you through it. I know how it feels to be in your shoes'.
And they mean it.

I am a proud supporter of AmeriFace, and was one of the first network members when its cleftAdvocate program was launched on the internet. This is not just a support network, this is a family - one of
the most loving families on the planet, and
I'm honored to be a part of that family."

Kiku Collins
Contemporary Jazz/Pop Artist Kiku Collins
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Photo by Andrew T. Foster
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